The Pattern​​​​​​​

This short film is inspired by the real events pertaining to the 1988 chemical attack of Halabja, Iraq. The film captures the last moments of a traditional rug being woven, as the rug weaver reflects on her feelings and what she has been through; although in reality not all the patterns in her mind have made it to the rug.​​​​​​​

This film has been participating in so many international festivals and was nominated for the award two times from, Fotogramma d'Oro Short Film Festival and Lancaster International Film Festival.​​​​​​​

Creating an animation is a challenging endeavor, and undertaking all the aspects of the process alone can be overwhelming. As an individual who values technical proficiency, I have dedicated a significant amount of time to acquire knowledge in areas such as anatomy, animation principles, rigging, modeling, rendering, post-production, and various software applications. In my case, I utilized 3DSMAX for modeling, rigging, and animating, Vray for rendering, Zbrush for sculpting, Substance Painter for texturing, Photoshop for creating masks and textures, After Effects for post-production, Premiere for editing, UVLayout for the unwrap process, Mary for texturing, and Marvelous Designer for cloth simulation. In the video presentation, I provide a brief overview of most of these processes.